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Company Core Values

In order for the team to work well together in a positive corporate culture, McEasy believes that the right company values are essential as fundamental beliefs

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Everyone is entitled to their opinions and a chance to progress in their career based on their skills and ability
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Trust in one another to do the right thing, creating a workplace environment built on mutual respect
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Growth Mindset

To always think ahead, seek new challenges, and extract benefits from every experience
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Having passion as well as willingness to learn and to bring about beneficial innovations


Taking full responsibility for the work and striving to complete tasks to the best of one’s ability
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Daring to take risks, taking tangible action, and creatively finding solutions to problems

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One Goal to Grow in One Team

Collaborating ini synergy, building effective and sustainable strategies to enhance the performance and growth of your business

  • Our Leader

“Humility is the gratest asset that one can have. A humble person knows what he is lacking at so he knows how to grow, and he knows what he is good at so he can contribue effectively.”

Grady Kusmulyadi

Chief Product Officer of McEasy

  • Our Leader

“Kebutuhan akan solusi digital praktis di Indonesia terus meningkat dan McEasy menawarkan solusi terbaik yang untuk meningkatkan efektifitas dan efisiensi armada berbagai industri. Membantu berbagai lini bisnis untuk menjadi bagian dari ekosistem digital.”

Andi Setiadi

CBO of McEasy

  • Our Leader

Di McEasy, kami memastikan setiap team member ambil bagian dan memiliki peran dalam mengemban misi perusahaan. Pengembangan individu berjalan beriringan dengan kemajuan perusahaan dalam menciptakan solusi digital untuk berbagai industri.

Husein Alkatiri

Vice President of System & Strategy McEasy

McEasy HQ

McEasy HQ

McEasy HQ

McEasy HQ

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