Full Control of Fleet Asset Security with Maximum and Increased Travel Efficiency

Take full control over the security of fleet assets and improve travel efficiency through integrated digital solutions

Benefits of McEasy Platform’s Outstanding Features for the Car Rental Industry

Vehicle Asset Monitoring and Management Solution

Providing excellent passenger comfort through rental fleet efficiency and security enhancement


Effectively preventing asset loss and theft

Effortlessly monitor assets from anywhere, anytime
Road Horizon

Enhanced safety and travel security

Ensuring vehicles are securely monitored through remote control and notifications
Chart Donut

Seamless operational management

Easily managing assets and scheduling vehicle document updates

Real-time Asset Tracking

Easily monitor asset anytime and from anywhere

The Live View feature facilitates monitoring with detailed views of vehicles and drivers, effectively anticipating delays and ensuring customer satisfaction

Industri Rental Mobil 1 Pemantauan Real Time
Industri Rental Mobil 2 Geofence

Efficiently Monitoring Fleet Coverage Areas

Safely releasing assets with boundary area settings

The Geofence feature establishes fleet coverage area boundaries. Vehicles exceeding the designated radius will receive actionable notifications.

Turn Engine On and Off from a Distance

Avoiding theft risks with remote control capabilities

The Engine On/Off feature helps enhance fleet asset security through swift handling, effectively preventing losses due to asset misplacement

Industri Rental Mobil 3 Power Take Off
Industri Rental Mobil 4 Notifikasi Pengemudi

Driving Distraction Alert

Ensuring the safety of the journey and the renters’ security

Monitor driver behavior in real-time and receive hazard alerts throughout the journey, ensuring safety and security and minimizing accident risks.

Digital Documentation of Vehicle Documents

Automatic reminders for document renewals

The License Reminder feature notifies you of upcoming vehicle document deadlines, ensuring productive fleet operations and avoiding downtime from expired papers.

Industri Rental Mobil 5 Surat Kendaraan
User Keyzia
"We've often faced issues with other GPS systems being offline frequently and complicated. After using McEasy GPS, it has truly been a big help for us. The most impressive features are Overspeed and Live View, so we can track the position and know where the driver is headed and where the vehicle is taken."
Dicky Prastino Suharto

Owner, Keyzia Berkah TransJaya

McEasy Platform in Rental Sector

Rental Mobil Floree
Rental Mobil Sahabat Shuttle
Rental Mobil Arjuno Trans
Rental Mobil Joe Garage
Rental Mobil Sayana
Rental Mobil Pandawa 82
Rental Mobil Al Marwah


Devices and Sensors to Equip the Fleet

Enhance control with telematics sensors tailored to your business needs

Hardware Portable Gps

Easy Portable GPS

A portable, lightweight, and easy-to-carry vehicle monitoring system.

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Hardware Easy Track 1

Easy Track

Accurate and practical vehicle monitoring system in non-signal areas.

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Hardware Ibuzzer


Speed ​​monitoring to prevent overspeed.

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Effortlessly Manage Operational Control

Efficiently manage fleet operations

McEasy provides digital and telematics solutions to enhance control and accelerate operational efficiency