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Optimal Delivery Routes

Thousands of deliveries in one-click scheduling

Route Planning

Optimal routes for each delivery point

Enhance delivery efficiency with optimal delivery routes for each fleet and driver

Delivery Optimizatio 1 Route Plan
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Delivery Transparency

Easily monitor fleet arrival estimates

Easily monitor goods’ arrival at the destination with precise estimated times. Delivery details are clear and accessible for customers.

Well-organized Delivery Order List

Improved Driver Productivity

Boost driver productivity to avoid delivery delays or disruptions to company schedules

Delivery Optimizatio 3 Delivery Order
Trusted by Many

Our client’s experience

Client Taratak User 2
“After using McEasy, we have gained several benefits, such as real-time fleet location notifications and alerts if our fleet exceeds speed limits. We also have the Geofence feature that notifies us if our drivers enter areas they shouldn’t be in.”
Fiqhi Zuhda

Manager Operational, Taratak Bumindo

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Increased Visibility

Fast and efficient deliveries to the destination

Effective operations with route and delivery planning


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