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Professional and Classy Drivers

With the Smart Driver application, deliveries are successful, and communication becomes efficient

Effortlessly Accept Orders

Accepting and executing delivery tasks conveniently

Drivers can easily access details from the list of assignments, ensuring smooth and efficient operations

Driver Management System 1 Terima Order
Driver Management System 2 Pod Pop
Comprehensive Documentation

Update shipment status quickly and accurately

Operations become transparent, with shipment history securely stored as drivers easily capture proof of delivery (PoD) and proof of pickup (PoP)

Comprehensive and Proven

Easily manage cash on delivery expenses

Drivers can easily log cash receipts and travel expenses by uploading receipt proofs, making operational cost management simple

Driver Management System 3 Catatan Biaya Operasional
Driver Management System 4 Riwayat Berkendara
Travel History

Driver behavior history on a single dashboard

Easily access driver behavior reports during trips, complete with assessments and performance evaluations

Trusted by Many

Our client’s experience

Client Jbl James Budi
“Previously, we conducted manual monitoring by asking drivers about their positions, and sometimes they were hard to reach, resulting in inaccurate information provided to clients. But since using Fleet Management, we can monitor the fleet directly and provide accurate information to clients.”
James Budiarto

Director, PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics

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Logo Kmdi
Logo Mgm Bosco
Logistik Sahabat Maritim Logistik Tanto
Client Pelindo
Logo Megaduta
Convenient Coordination

More effiecient communication with drivers

By utilizing the Smart Driver App from McEasy, deliveries become efficient and transparent.


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