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Simplify Fleet Management
and Improve Company Reputation

McEasy Platform for the Bus Sector

Easily manage fleet operations and journeys

McEasy helps improve visibility and control over fleets and drivers for better service as well as passenger satisfaction


Real-time vehicle asset monitoring

Effective sensor devices monitor fleets whether stationary or in motion
Road Horizon

Make accurate decisions fast

Observe driver behavior to anticipate challenges
Chart Donut

Easy operational management

Organize and schedule fleets regularly with accurate ETA
Visibility and Transparency

Monitor the location and status of the fleet anytime and from anywhere

The Geofence feature in Live View displays vehicle and driver details. Easily monitor the fleet, anticipate delays, and maintain customer satisfaction

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Monitor travel expenses

High efficiency, increase company margins

Fleet Management records expenses for each trip, from fuel to driver allowances. Protect the company from losses with iFuel Ultrasonic, providing notifications for sudden fuel reductions

Monitor driving behaviour

Keep driver performance, maintain service quality

Driver Behavior detects speed changes and driving manners like sudden braking or sharp turns. This data is analyzed to assess driver quality during evaluations

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Industri Otobus 4 Trackvision

TrackVision equipped with artificial intelligence

Increase visibility, reduce the risk of losses

TrackVision enhances visibility inside the cabin. It also detects and warns of disruptions caused by driver distractions during the journey

Reliable digital documentation

Optimization of fleet capacity and working hours

Keeping fleet condition good with Maintenance Management, sending regular maintenance notifications. The License Reminder feature also alerts about document expiration

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User Mas Wahid
"With Fleet Management and the iFuel sensor from McEasy, I can see when and where refueling is done. We can also identify which units are fuel-efficient and which ones are not. Everything becomes more straightforward."
Mas Wahid

Owner, PO. Pesona Grup

McEasy Platform in Bus Industry

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Devices and Sensors to Equip the Fleet

Improve control with telematics sensors tailored to your business needs.

Hardware Trackvision Pro

TrackVision Basic

Real-time video monitoring dengan dua kamera menghadap jalan dan dalam kabin

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Hardware Ifuel Ultrasonic

iFuel Ultrasonic

Fuel usage monitoring through fuel level signal.

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Hardware Easy Track 1

Easy Track

Accurate and practical vehicle monitoring system in non-signal areas.

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Hardware Ifuel Stick

iFuel Stick

Fuel usage monitoring with fuel volume detection.

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Take Control Now

Enhance the management of operational delivery processes

McEasy provides digital and telematics solutions to enhance control and accelerate operations