Optimize Capacity and Cargo Quality with Delivery Optimization

McEasy Platform for Distribution Industry

Improve operational efficiency for various types of distributions

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Better planning

Efficiently allocate fleet and optimize routes
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Maintain cargo capacity

Optimize deliveries with remote control

Monitor deliveries in real-time

Easily record and monitor the movements of all fleets simultaneously

Delivery route optimization

Time and cost efficiency for smooth distribution

Delivery Optimization creates the best routes for all deliveries simultaneously within seconds

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Industri Distribusi 2 Live Tracking

Real-time vehicle asset monitoring

Easily track all fleets and cargoes

Interactive Live View allows tracking all journeys and vehicles on one screen

Vendor Management

Enhance visibility to third parties

Monitor the fleet and streamline deliveries by integrating vendor fleets into one platform

Industri Distribusi 3 Vendor Management
Industri Distribusi 4 Report
Summary of data and costs

Automatically record data and display analysis

Easily view and save daily, weekly, and monthly delivery report analyses in one display

Cargo accuracy within the fleet

Optimizing the fleet for smooth distribution

Delivery Optimization can arrange the right quantity and capacity of loads for each fleet

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"We have received quite good support, even very good support from McEasy. So far, we highly recommend those who have not used Fleet Management or Transportation Management System to collaborate with McEasy, just as we have done."
Liza Amalia

MGM Bosco , Logistic Solution Manager

McEasy Platform in Distribution

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Devices and Sensors to Equip the Fleet

Increase control with telematics sensors tailored to your business needs

Hardware Idoor


Monitor fleet box door opening-closing activities equipped with detailed information on time, duration, and location.

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Hardware Easy Track 1

Easy Track

Accurate and practical vehicle monitoring system in non-signal areas.

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Hardware Trackvision 3

TrackVision Pro

Real-time video monitoring with dual cameras facing the road and the driver, complemented by a Driving Monitoring System (DMS) for distraction notifications.

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Hardware Ibuzzer


Speed ​​monitoring to prevent overspeed.

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Hardware Ifuel Stick

iFuel Stick

Fuel usage monitoring with fuel volume detection.

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Hardware Ifuel Ultrasonic

iFuel Ultrasonic

Fuel usage monitoring through fuel level signal.

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Hardware Icall


Audio device to facilitate communication with drivers inside the vehicle cabin.

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Effortlessly manage operational control

Efficiently manage fleet operations

McEasy provides digital and telematics solutions to enhance control and accelerate operational efficiency