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Meet delivery and cargo quality standards, enhance customer trust

McEasy Platform for Cold Chain Industry

Easily control and maintain cargo quality

Addressing industry needs comprehensively, from fleet management, delivery, to maintaining cargo quality

Cube Focus

Meet SLAs and improve service

Ensure cargo quality, improve customer satisfaction.
Bezier Curve

High control and visibility

Control orders and deliveries in real-time

Secure the fleet and cargo

Enhance operational standards to maintain service quality

Maintaining Cargo Quality

Prevent cargo damage due to temperature changes

iTemp stores temperature status history during journeys and sends notifications if there are temperature changes inside the refrigerated container

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Delivery Operations Made Simple

Effectively schedule and monitor the status of deliveries

Delivery Management provides full control over long-distance deliveries. Get real-time updates, complete with accurate data reports

Monitor Driving Behavious

Reduce the risk of accidents due to driver negligence

TrackVision significantly enhances fleet visibility. In addition to providing visuals, TrackVision also sends alerts for disturbances caused by drivers while driving

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Providing standardized, high-class services

Maintain the company’s reputation by ensuring cargo quality and providing high visibility into the delivery process, making it easier for customers to track orders and meet SLAs

Digital Ecosystem

Standardized business processes that are always connected

The McEasy platform seamlessly integrates via API with other platforms within the company to create an integrated digital ecosystem

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User Mgm Bosco
"We have received quite good support, even very good support from McEasy. So far, we highly recommend those who have not used Fleet Management or Transportation Management System to collaborate with McEasy, just as we have done."
Liza Amalia

MGM Bosco , Logistic Solution Manager

McEasy Platform in Cold Chain

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Devices and Sensors to Equip the Fleet

Enhance control with telematics sensors tailored to your business needs

Hardware Itemp


Real-time monitoring of cold chain cargo temperature inside the cabin.

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Hardware Idoor


Monitor fleet box door opening-closing activities equipped with detailed information on time, duration, and location.

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Hardware Easy Track 1

Easy Track

Accurate and practical vehicle monitoring system in non-signal areas.

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Hardware Trackvision 3

TrackVision Pro

Real-time video monitoring dengan dua kamera dilengkapi AI deteksi DMS dan ADAS

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Hardware Ifuel Stick

iFuel Stick

Fuel usage monitoring with fuel volume detection.

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Hardware Ifuel Ultrasonic

iFuel Ultrasonic

Fuel usage monitoring through fuel level signal.

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Effortlessly Manage Operational Control

Efficiently Manage Fleet Operations

McEasy provides digital and telematics solutions to enhance control and accelerate operational efficiency