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Optimize Visibility Inside the Cabin and Around the Vehicle

Improve vehicle and trip safety with dual-camera Trackvision monitoring and AI technology

Maximum Visibility

Real-time visibility of drivers and the vehicle surroundings

Dual TrackVision cameras, monitoring the cabin and road in real-time

Video Monitoring 1 Visibilitas
Video Monitoring 4 Dokumentasi Lengkap
Video History

Replay recordings on a single dashboard

Additional flexibility in accessing journey monitoring videos and evaluating driver performance

Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of driver activities and road conditions

Ensuring that operations follow procedures and maximizing driver performance

Video Monitoring 2 History Video
Video Monitoring 3 Pantau Jarak Jauh
Comprehensive Documentation

Distractions and disturbances during the journey are all recorded

TrackVision stores visual evidence of incidents and helps with insurance claims

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Our client’s experience

Client Jbl James Budi
“Previously, we conducted manual monitoring by asking drivers for their positions, and sometimes they were difficult to reach, resulting in inaccurate information provided to clients. However, since using Fleet Management, we can monitor the fleet directly and provide accurate information to clients.”
James Budiarto

Director, PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics

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Client Tiran Group
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Client Vitrans
TrackVision makes it easy to monitor the fleet remotely

Increase control and visibility over your personal or business assets

TrackVision makes it easy to monitor the fleet remotely


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