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Full control over travel expenses

Monitoring and controlling travel expenses has become easier

Cost Management System 1 Praktis Dan Cepat
Fast and Convenient

Ensuring that all travel expenses are well-recorded

Establish budget consistency so that expenses can be recorded accurately and quickly with just one click

Cost Control

The arrangement of operational costs made easy

Easily control costs with detailed expenditure breakdowns for specific periods

Driver Management System 2 Kontrol Biaya
Driver Management System 3 Catatan Transaksi
Document All Transactions

Recording all expenditure costs until realization is achieved

Comprehensive digital expense documentation makes it easy to identify and optimize travel costs

Trusted by Many

Our client’s experience

Client Mgm Bosco User
“We have received quite good support, even excellent support from McEasy. So far, we recommend those who have not yet used Fleet Management to collaborate with McEasy, just as we have done.”
Liza Amalia

MGM Bosco , Logistic Solution Manager

Client Samator
Client Raya Karya Transport
Client Pelindo
Client Indofresh
Client Saka Logistics
Client Diansari
Record Operational Costs

Successful deliveries with controlled travel expenses

By utilizing Cost Management, delivery costs become more transparent and controlled


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