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Optimize Delivery Operations

Improve customer satisfaction through delivery efficiency

Delivery Efficiency

Easily organize and enhance operational performance in delivery

Ensuring timely delivery processes from planning to completion

Delivery Management System 1 Efisiensi Pengiriman
Delivery Management System 4 Status Pengiriman
Effortless Delivery Assignment

Easily allocate orders and delivery schedules to drivers

Track the delivery status in real-time with PoD and PoP

Monitor deliveries in real-time

Ensuring fleet and cargo safe arrival at the destination

Optimize delivery visibility for better operations

Delivery Management System 2 Penugasan Pengiriman
Delivery Management System 3 Pemantauan Real Time
Transparent Delivery Status

Maintain customer trust

Track and receive updates on the status and position of deliveries

Trusted by Many

Our client’s experience

Client Kmdi Yoyok
“McEasy has become our partner in enhancing customer satisfaction by providing faster information, including real-time fleet tracking, delivery accuracy, and estimated time of arrival.”
Yoyok B, Widiarto

Assistant Manager IT, PT 'K' Line Mobaru Diamond Indonesia (KMDI Logistics)

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Optimize Delivery Operations

Operational delivery challenges are solved with Delivery Management

Operations become faster and cost-effective in deliveries


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