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One Platform to Optimize Security, Maintenance,
and Efficiency

McEasy Platform for Agriculture Industry

Plan the fastest and most efficient route to send raw materials and agricultural products


Monitor cargo and fleet movements

Make it easy for customers to record vehicle usage
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Efficient task management

Save time and costs by digitizing workflow processes
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Safety and Security

Easily and peacefully monitor vehicles from anywhere

Track accurately

Monitor all fleets across various terrains

Easy Route helps monitor vehicles anytime, anywhere. Even in areas without signal coverage

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Automatic vehicle data logging

Efficient vehicle usage recording ensures smooth deliveries

Vehicle working hours data

Accurately calculate operational costs

Check vehicle and driver operational hours for expenditure evaluation and trip records

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Schedule asset maintenance

Maintain assets through updates and repairs

Anticipate vehicle breakdowns. Maintenance is more regular and accurate based on working hours, without disrupting other operational processes

McEasy Platform in Agriculture

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Devices and Sensors to Equip the Fleet

Improve control with telematics sensors tailored to your business needs

Easy Router Home Hardware

Easy Router

Fleet tracker connected with IoT and vehicle sensors.

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Hardware Trackvision 3

TrackVision Pro

Real-time video monitoring dengan dua kamera dilengkapi AI deteksi DMS dan ADAS

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PTO (Power Take Off)

Efficiency in recording and billing heavy equipment vehicle usage.

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Take Full Coltrol

Manage fleet operations more effectively

McEasy provides digital and telematics solutions to enhance operational control and acceleration