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Swift and Accurate Fleet Analysis

With Reports and Analytics, decision-making becomes easier

Fleet Analysis

Real-time Fleet Activity Analysis

Scheduled and comprehensive fleet reports, including status, idle time, and fuel usage reports

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Delivery Analysis

Real-time Delivery Performance Analysis

Easy access to the historical time data of deliveries, from start to finish, enhancing delivery SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Measured Decisions

Comprehensive Operational Activity Analysis

Data-driven and comprehensive reports help making strategic decisions

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Our client’s experience

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“After using McEasy, we have gained several benefits, such as real-time fleet location notifications and alerts if our fleet exceeds speed limits. We also have the Geofence feature that notifies us if our drivers enter areas they shouldn’t be in.”
Fiqhi Zuhda

Manager Operational, Taratak Bumindo

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Handy Reports

McEasy elevates business performance with insights from Reports and Analytics

Take full control of all operations with analytics and reports. Make data-driven strategic decisions


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