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Improving Service and Customer Satisfaction with McEasy’s VSMS Solution

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Live View

Successfully provided accurate location information of the fleet and drivers
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Fleet Management

Successfully identified issues in case of delivery challenges


PT KMDI is a pioneer in reliable car delivery with the widest network throughout Indonesia. The challenges faced by KMDI include manual operational processes and difficulties in tracking fleets and moving assets.

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Difficulty in Tracking Fleets Reduces Operational Process Efficiency
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The Solution

Live View

The challenge of efficiently tracking fleets and mobile assets has been addressed by the Live View feature. This feature provides 24-hour real-time fleet monitoring access. KMDI has successfully improved service and customer satisfaction with the Live View feature.

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“With the Live View feature, we have been greatly assisted in tracking fleets 24 hours in real-time.”

Supervisor IT , KMDI

The Solution

Fleet Management

The manual operational processes are no longer a challenge with the Fleet Management feature. The integrated GPS tracker with Fleet Management facilitates real-time monitoring of the entire fleet of trucks and assets

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“McEasy has become our partner in enhancing customer satisfaction by providing faster information, including real-time fleet tracking, delivery accuracy, and estimated time of arrival.”
Yoyok B, Widiarto

Assistant Manager IT, PT 'K' Line Mobaru Diamond Indonesia (KMDI Logistics)

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