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Fleet and Transportation Management Solutions

All-in-one platform integrated with a set of technologies making transportations and logistics simple and more manageable


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Beyond Tracking

Control and
Monitor Fleet

Maximize the use of telematics solustions to control fleet distribution in real-time. Enhance visibility to make data-driven decisions.

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Operational Convenience

Operational Delivery Optimization

Optimize the whole process of delivery from scheduling, tracking, location sharing, to documentation of delivery proof in one platform

Save time and operational costs

Route Efficiency with Smart Calculations

Plan the best and fastest routes for multi-drop deliveries. Improve time and fuel efficiency while minimizing human errors

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Integrated Transporters

Integrated Delivery Operations

Managing logistics vendors has just become easier with Vendor Management System that provides real-time visibility on the delivery status and vendor performance in a single platform

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With McEasy, we can monitor our fleet digitally through our mobile phones, which greatly facilitates us. Additionally, all data is recorded accurately.
Liza Amalia

Logistic Solution Manager, MGM Bosco

We have received quite good, even excellent support from McEasy. So far, we highly recommend those who have not yet adopted Fleet Management or Delivery Management to collaborate with McEasy, as we have already done.
James Budiarto

Director, JBL

All of our trucks are integrated with Fleet Management from McEasy. With McEasy, data is streamlined digitally and faster, and the vehicle’s position is monitored in real-time
Yoyok B Widiarto

Asistant Manager IT & General Support, KMDI

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MGM Bosco Uses Delivery Management System to Enhance Efficiency

McEasy is the best solution to optimize fleet performance and simplify fleet monitoring

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KMDI Successfully Improves Customer Satisfaction with McEasy Fleet Management solution

McEasy answers the challenges of fleet management and fleet monitoring, making operations more effective and efficient

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